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Accessibility Help

Do you need help in making the web easier to use?  Royal Dutch Shell is committed to making its websites equally accessible to all users including those with disabilities or visual impairments that occur with aging.

The Technology

The Shell website utilises graphics, frames and java script to enable you to more easily navigate the information. The Shell website is best viewed using Netscape Navigator 3 and above or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and above.

Better Browsing

This site has been optimised for a modern browser. To get the most out of the site, you should view it using the latest copy of either Microsoft Internet Explorer ( v4 or greater ), or Netscape Navigator ( v3 or greater). Your screen resolution is best set on 800 x 600 pixels, 16 bit colour or above.

If you would like to check your screen resolution or colour depth, or even change them, the principle is the same on most desktop computers. For users of Windows 95, you need to open your 'control panel' by clicking your 'Start' button -> then clicking 'Settings' -> then 'Control Panel' Once you are in the Control Panel, you can double click the 'Display' icon. If you now click the 'Settings' tab, you will see that you can change your screen resolution & colour depth.

Other popular desktop computers such as the Apple Macintosh have different methods of changing colours and screen resolution. The best way to go about changing your settings is to first consult the help feature of your computer.

Navigation Tips

To browse the Shell website with ease, please use the left-hand navigation menu on each page. Navigation is split up into three sections:

Topbar Navigation

The navigation in the topbar of the Shell website appears on every page and links you to Accessibility, Help, Sitemap, Search, www.Shell.com and Shell Worldwide directory of country, business and corporate websites globally.

General Navigation

The navigation for the Shell website is found on the left-hand side of every page. This allows you to browse the entire Shell website without returning to the home page.

As you click on different headings in the left pane, the navigation will expand to show sub-sections. You can select from this menu to find content or use the navigational directories which appear in the centre pane.

Navigation within a section

We have included navigation both within the left-hand navigation  pane as well as the centre pane to help you find content more easily. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use Search in the topbar or consult the Sitemap.

Other navigation tips

Clicking on the "back" button of your browser's toolbar will return you to the previous page.

If a page extends below the bottom of your screen, use the grey scroll bar on the right hand side of your screen to move up and down the current page.

To go back to the Shell home page at any time choose the 'Home' option at the top of the left hand navigation bar.

Frames & Printing Pages

The Shell website is built using a frame structure. Most pages will have a "printable version" link at the top of the page that will enable easy printing of the page on A4 paper. If this link does not appear, please follow the instructions below for easy printing.

How to print with frames

To print a hard copy of the information you see on your screen please use the following procedure:

Netscape v3+

* Click on the area you wish to print, i.e. Place your mouse over the required information and click once. In doing so, you are nominating the active frame for printing.

* Go to "File" at the top of your browser.

* Select "Print Frame."

* OK

Microsoft Internet Explorer v5+

* Click on the area you wish to print i.e. Place your mouse over the required information and click once. In doing so, you are nominating the active frame for printing.

* Go to "File" at the top of your browser.

* Select "Print ."

* Select from the 3 options:

a) as laid out on screen

b) only the selected frame

c) all frames individually

* OK

If you have any further queries, please use the 'Help' feature of you browser, or contact your technical support staff for further assistance.


The sitemap can be accessed by clicking on "Sitemap" in the topbar which appears on every page. The Site Map gives you a hierarchical outline of the site and links to direct content pages and sections. 

How can l contact Shell?

We would like to hear your comments and feedback regarding Shell - whether they be about our website or our products and services. Please use the link to Contact us provided in the left-hand navigation.